State Theatre - Theatre 1 Sat, Nov 5, 2022 2:40 PM


Simona Kossak - who was she, really? The legendary researcher who lived surrounded by wild animals in the Bialowieza Forest? Why did she escape her family home - the famous Kossak dynasty? What was the life of the first ever Polish eco-activist like in the 1970s? Unique photos and recordings from the archives of Simona and her life partner Lech Wilczek take us to the primeval forest and allow us to experience a unique life away from civilization. Simona was the favorite of a raven terrorizing the area and also a mother to a lynx and a couple of elks. Her empathetic approach to animals and plants not only allowed us to see the Bialowieza Forest as a world-unique ecosystem, but also helped us understand that we are flatmates on Planet Earth and that we should let other creatures live. This vibrant and uncompromising visionary way ahead of her time often had to fight alone for the well-being of nature and our respect towards it.